Food Photography

Food Photography

The right composition and angle dramatically changes the way your food looks

Benchmark is an internationally award winning food motion and photography company with director Giovanni the driving force behind it.

Combining three of his passions being film making, food and photography, Giovanni has the ability to apply his skills to his work with unique vision and creativity that comes from the heart. Working consistently with companies like ALDI, Hungry Jacks, and Riverview Pork, his unique and honest approach to directing, storytelling, production design and distinct style is what sets his work apart.

On the TV front, in 2017 Benchmark won two US Telly Awards for the TV series “Sean’s Kitchen” (From Adelaide to New York). Their first major award was in 2010 with national and international recognition for his TV series “My Family Feast” which was created for SBS. The series went on to win best TV series at the Australian Food Media Awards and “Best in World” at the Gourmand world TV Food and Wine Festival in Paris taking out Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. The book also won best in world for a celebrity chef at the Paris Cook Book Fair. Benchmark’s seven TV series now broadcast in over 50 countries around the globe.

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